Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Goodbye Elder Kim

Our Sister Missionaries "Hamming it up" for a picture.
 Our Elder Missionaries saying good-bye to Elder Kim.
 Elder Bunn and Elder Kim were Zone Leader companions for awhile.
 The other Sister Missionaries who didn't make the first picture. Some people called them twins.

Emergency Appendectomy in Pohnpei

This is the door into the Emergency room and also the "corridor" that they wheeled Mel down to find the door to the operating room. I was pretty surprised to see them take him outside on the gurney and take off down the sidewalk.
 Just inside the Emergency room door is the bed where the doctor does his diagnosis. It is private when the curtains are pulled.
 Mel after the surgery (ruptured appedectomy) with the "call bell" to use if he needs anything. There was no table going over the bed for such things as water or tissue or anything. Things like that needed to be brought from home (towel, soap, water, decent food, etc.).
 It is difficult to really get the whole enjoyment from the food, but suffice it to say that Mel wasn't up for this "fare".
He was pretty happy to get home and his first meal was a toasted cheese sandwich. Delicious!
We think the closest way to describe the room was the "50's" as far as the furniture and the absence of remote control anything.
Other than that he had a great surgeon from the Philippines and a member of our church. He gave him excellent care.

Senior Conference-Guam July 2015

This was a three day Senior Conference focusing on CES. Our Area Authority, Elder Jung is sitting on the floor on the left and our "boss" Bishop Nicerio is next to him. Our Mission President and his wife are on the far right. These are all great missionaries and we have fun together.
 The last night we were all treated to a very nice Asian buffet and for some reason there was this "decorated water buffalo" there.
 This is the last night that we will be on the beach, walking barefoot on the sand and into the warm ocean water. Who would know that Mel's "flu" symptoms would end up being a ruptured appendix very shortly.