Friday, August 21, 2015

Marshall Islands Mission Call

Meicey Ramsin received her mission call to the Marshall Islands. We got to know her from Institute and to look forward to her great smile.
 We were so impressed to see how neat and clean her home was. Her father was a builder in Guam and he obviously took great care in building the kitchen and then open Nas. The people in the Marshall Islands will love her.

Uh Branch Primary

I love going into Primary. That's where the fun happens. The first time I went into Uh Branch Primary, they didn't have a chalk board, manuals or anything to write with or on. Sister Furstenau brought them a CD of Primary songs and that was the start of improving their Primary.
 We bought them a chalk board, color crayons, etc. and ordered manuals and a songbook. We delivered it Sunday and they loved it. Included with the manuals were all the pictures, which provided the teacher with material for a Sharing time. They are preparing for their first Sacrament Meeting presentation.
 Sister Mataitoga, from Fiji taught them a song for their presentation. They never tired from repeating it over and over. We will definitely be there to watch them that Sunday.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


On August 15, 2015 we attended our 58th island baptism.  This is the path leading down to the ocean.
 This is nine year old Jeremy from the Sekere Ward who is ready for the ceremony.  With him is Elder Furstenau and Elder Fiscus who performed the baptism.
 The water in the ocean is like a bath tub it is so warm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This little piggy went to market

Actually this little piggy weighs about 185-200 pounds and he isn't going to market.  He is on  his way to a funeral.  He also might appear to be dead but he isn't--yet.  When he gets to the site of the funeral he will receive a sharp knife to the heart get his throat cut in a most humane manner.  He will then become a the main course for dinner.  It is tradition on Pohnpei to roast a pig underground for the funeral dinner.
Along with the pig these men are carrying the yams and the round, green breadfruit to compliment the roasted pork.
 Entire villages turn out for the funeral and the celebration can last for up to ten days.