Friday, April 29, 2016

In-service with Bro. Wilde

This is our last In-Service Meeting with our teachers, Brother Nicerio and Scott Wilde from Salt Lake City. It was nice to have someone else do the instructing for a change, especially a professional like him.

 Here we all are for a group photo shoot. The Sister Missionaries house is in the background.
We will miss all these dedicated teachers.

CES Fireside April 29, 2016

What a night to remember. We had a Seminary/ Institute Fireside to welcome Scott Wilde, Assistant Director of CES. The students, teachers, bishops and families filled the Stake Center. Standing next to Elder Hedgpeth on the left is Jack Yakanna, our Patriarch and Institute teacher. Scott Wilde is on the right with Brother Nicerio (our boss from Guam) sandwiched between some of our students who really wanted to get in the middle of all this "power".
 Some of our students after the Fireside loving to pose for the camera.
 Hadley Joshua, on the left was one of our amazing speakers. Milean next to him has her mission
papers in.

 Four more Seminary students hamming it up. Love them so much.
 These boys are amazing and will all be on a mission soon. They call us their parents or grandparents and that is fine with us.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Scripture Bowl 2016

Scripture Mastery Bowl is a BIG deal here in Pohnpei. Months of practice, memorizing and strategy goes into a "WIN". Palikir Ward won it last year and the competition was on.
 This game was to see how many baskets one group could make before the other group wrote their scripture.
 The Seminary and Institute teachers are ready for the students to race to them and break a balloon with a scripture inside.
 The students are busily trying to solve the scripture which they found in the balloon.
Panasang Ward won the Scripture Bowl and already the students are preparing for next year's competition.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

This Little Piggy Went to Church

You just never know who will be attending church here in Wone Branch. President Herman is on the left.
 This piglet's mother has an injured leg, so he gets to come to church for awhile so his mom can heal. I hope when we get home we won't be disappointed when there are no "creatures" attending with us.