Monday, January 25, 2016

Student Lounge at PICS High School

An old turned over school van serves at a resting place for students during a break between classes.  It doesn't look all that comfy but hey what am I to say about it.  The girls are only too happy to pose for a picture.
 This old van is at least sitting on the four wheels.  Well not really tires but you get the picture.  There were about five boys in the van but they scattered when the camera came out.  As we have come to say almost every day, "this is Pohnpei".

Monday, January 18, 2016

Guam Senior Conference Jan. 2016

Here we are in Guam, waiting to get on a boat to take us to Coco Island. We do have fun when we get together with all the other senior couples.
 One of the Senior missionaries, from Bear Lake area, is a real cowboy. He showed us some rope tricks during our conference. Mel had to try out his secret wish to be a cowboy.
 We are at the Guam airport,  waiting to come back "home". This Water Buffalo stands there to greet all passengers.
We  have fun going to Guam for a reminder there is a modern world out there, somewhere, but we are always ready to come back and become a part of Pohnpei again.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hamming it up in a Hammock

Just when you thought all missionary work is hard, we thought you might want to see another side.
The Sister missionaries have this hand made hammock by their house and we took advantage of it.
 Elder Hedgpeth is still awake, but Sister Furstenau is ready for a nap. These apartment inspection trips take most of the day and we are ready for a time out.

Apartment Inspections Christmas

This last apartment inspection showed us that even though these missionaries are far from home, they can bring in the Christmas Spirit.
Elder Bisschop's mother, from Canada. made this Christmas stocking for her son and another one for Elder Nelson. Very cute!
 Elder Slack and Paewai put together this work-out bench. I'm sure these pink beads from the 70's are just what they would have chosen.
 Elder's  McCluskey and Takau brought in a banana tree to make their Christmas fronds.
 Sister's Walquist and William created a cozy fireplace scene. How perfect it that?