Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Celebration

Leap Year in Pohnpei took on more meaning because Sister Furstenau turned 17. The rest of us wish  could erase some of our years but she has it mastered.
 We started out at the "Rusty Anchor" for pizza and a view. We followed that with a movie which turned out great- "Finest Hour". You can't see in this picture, but the young woman next to Elder Hedgpeth is Irene Ongesel. She is a return missionary from Fiji and now is the manager of the movie theatre. She is also one of our Seminary teachers. A side note: she gave us 2 free tickets for the movie. At $5 for seniors, we had a pretty good deal!
 Then it was to our apartment for gifts and birthday cake with ice cream. It seems that each month or so, our options for food and entertainment improve. Thanks Jill, for sending the pecans and coconut from WinCo.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Nett Point Baptism

 On Saturday, February 20, 2016 the Eirike Ward had a baptism at Nett (pronounced Netch) Point.  Several of the missionary companionships were there.
 This is Elders McCluskey and Takau along with the sister being baptized.  The young girl is Bishop Rodrigues daughter who just had to be included in the picture.

 Elder McCluskey is performing the baptism in the very warm waters out side Kolonia.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ace Office Personnel

We shop at Ace Office at least four or five times a week.  As a result we get to know some of the personnel at the store.  I decided that it was time to capture some of our store friends before we leave the island in three months. 
 People working in stores here are always friendly and helpful.  They carry groceries out to the car.  Open doors for you and in general give wonderful service.  I think we will miss the personal contact when we go home.

Fun Times at the Dental Office

These three young men are our students in seminary at PICS high school.  All three are seniors and are preparing their paperwork for a mission when school is over.  Naturally they must go to the dentist and repair teeth.  From the left is Branson Joseph, Vince Amida and Rod Eric Burmudes.
This is the door to the State Hospital dental unit.
 The dentists here seems to pull a lot of teeth.  The person goes in for a cleaning and check up and walks out missing several teeth.  Below are pictures of two of the dental offices. 


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stand Ye in Holy Places at Awak

The youth in the Awak Group made a sign for their building at Awak titled Stand Ye In Holy Places.
 Pictured below are several of the youth in Awak.  The three on the left attend our seminary class at PICS high school in Kolonia.  Elder Wallace Primo, 18 years old and a junior in high school was called as the new group leader.  He is doing a great job.  He is standing to the left of Hadley Joshua who is a relatively new convert to the church.
 The Zone Leaders attend this group.  Elder Bisschop on the left and Elder Hurst on the right.

 As one can see the nature and condition of the place of worship is not a deciding factor to be "Standing in Holy Places".  The spirit is felt here as much as any place where the Saints meet.  We were here to attend Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School  There is no Relief Society or Priesthood meetings held in a group.

Valentine Party at Kitti

The youth at the Kitti Branch were planning and decorating for a Valentine's Day dance for Saturday evening on February 13th.  They worked hard to clean and sweep this part of the building where they meet for Sacrament Meeting.  As you can see it's looks more like a bombed out shelter than a dance floor.  But never mind that, the kids don't notice and they have fun just like anyone in a fancy building.
 Elder and Sister Hedgpeth posing on the dance floor.  We continue to marvel at the conditions most of these good people live in but they are happy and content.  Their testimonies of the Gospel is strong.
 This is three of the youth who were cleaning and decorating the building.  I hope it doesn't rain as the building has no roof for protection.  There used to be a blue tarp covering over this section but the wind and rain tore it apart.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Elder Bourne and Sister William go home

We had to say good-by to Elder Bourne. We have loved getting to know him- our only missionary
from England.
 We will miss he and Elder Fiscus, two of the Zone leaders coming to visit us periodically.
 It's obvious he is well loved. Look at all the decorations he gets to take home with him

Excitement at PICS

The students weren't paying attention during class.  They were looking out the window at something.  It turned out that a truck was fully engulfed in flames  I went outside to watch but then thought better of it.  I thought maybe the gas tank might explode.  We waited for the entire class period for the fire truck to arrive.  The police came with a small extinguisher but the fire department was a no show.  It finally went out on it's own.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Mission call for Marcia Alex

We delivered a mission call to Marcia Alex of the Uh Branch.  Pictured below in the pink is Sister Bulewa.  Marcia's mother is standing by the fire.  They were cooking chicken in the pot.
Marcia is pictured below.  She was so excited and a bit scared to open her mission call.  She is going to be serving in the Port of Spain Trinidad Mission.  She will leave for the Provo MTC on May 10th.  We are very happy about that since we will be leaving on May 16th for home.  We love to see these young people off at the airport.  It is often that they are flying for the first time and have never been off the island.  She was one of our best students last year in seminary.

 Getting to her home was a bit of a challenge.  The trail from the road down to their home was very steep.  The rocks were slick, the mud was slick and the wet grasses and weeds were slick.  It's a wonder that they don't fall and get hurt but they seem to take no notice to the terrain and walk down in flip flops with no problem.  I eventually just backed down the path and used my hands to steady myself.  I consider myself a fairly experienced hiker but my feet flew out from under me on the way down.  No major damage.  Just wet and muddy.

 Sisters Hedgpeth and Furstenau take to load off their feet and talk to Marcia's mother who was tending the fire.  It's a bit hard to tell but her father is standing to the left and he is preparing coconuts for us to drink.  Coconut juice is very good and quite healthy.  The people here are so thoughtful and give us the best of what they have.  It's quit a humbling experience.

Young Men-Young Women Fireside

On Sunday evening, January 31, 2016 there was a youth fireside at the Palikir Ward for the stake.  The youth on Pohnpei will eventually become the leaders here.  Several of them spoke and they were as good as any we have heard. 
 All but one of these boys attend our seminary class at PICS high school.  Three of them are beginning their missionary paperwork so they can leave on missions as soon as the graduate from high school.
 Of course there are always refreshments at any youth function.  They are waiting in line for the goodies.