Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve Nativity in the Village

Every Christmas Eve, the missionaries are invited to the Village where the amazing artisans live. They were brought to Pohnpei from their own Island in the 1940s after the war because of a catastrophic storm. They were given a piece of land from the Japanese (before they left after occupying Pohnpei during the war).  They generously give gifts to all of the missionaries.
 Here is Bradley Spirin hosting the event.  Bro. Duiai who usually directs the affairs was sick.
 The missionaries act out parts of the Christmas story for the community before they go back to their areas and meet with investigators.

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  1. Looks like a nice Christmas celebration. I'm translating english to pohnpeian for the pohnpeian missionaries at the MTC devotionals. (Sis. Duiai & Conrad, Eld. William & Andon) Is "the Village" a Kapingamarangi village, or a Pingelap village, or a Pohnpeian village? And where is it on the island?