Friday, November 28, 2014

Arriving in Pohnpei

We arrived in Pohnpei on Friday Nov. 28, 2014.  Very hot and sunny.  We were picked up by the senior missionaries the Chandlers and several of the younger missionaries.  They drove us to our new apartment in Kolonia.  That evening after unpacking we drove to the Palikir ward for seminary and institute classes.  The island is very tropical and lush.  Last night it rained hard.  We met the bishop of the ward in Palikir and he is 25 years old, Bishop Jack.  He is soon leaving for BYU Hawaii to study social work to use back on his island.  We were very tired and the power went off during the night which is apparently normal.  You have to buy power by the kilowatt and enter a number into a panel inside the apartment.  It's not very handy.  The people here have been so far the nicest you might ever meet.  Very humble and they respect older people (handy for us).  More pictures will follow of the city itself.  We bought a water bottle cooler and have to go and pick it up.  Most do not drink water out of the tap here.  I've never drank so much water in my life.  The heat really dries you up.

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  1. By the looks of the picture I'm assuming it's windy! ;-) Is it hot and humid wind? Dad, you'll be glad to hear it has been super rainy with dark clouds for the past few days. Enjoy the sun you two!
    Love you.