Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jungle baptism comments

We arrived Friday afternoon and it is Sunday evening right now. We have experienced a baptism in the jungle creek, family dinners and celebrations, church classes in two buildings, a sacrament meeting, a baby blessing and a Family Home evening in a families home.
We are experiencing sensory overload but in a good way. There is beauty all around and the most friendly loving people I've ever been around.
When we pulled into the congregations humble home for the baptism, the women were raking the leaves away and pulling weeds to make the ground clean and presentable. They present us with wreaths in our hair and make a big meal with their meager resources.  These people have been members for a short time, but they have strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and his gospel.  They are serious about the gospel but they are very fun-loving.
This morning as we were waiting for church to start, the children just started singing hymns on their own, one after the other.
We have shed many tears as we have felt their spirit. Walking through the jungle for the baptism is a memory I will always cherish.
These people are so poor. Their living situations are humble, to say the least. Their are pigs, chickens, dogs and cats everywhere. Everyone takes their shoes off as they enter the outside area for church and this morning a dog bit my toe as I was sitting there. (That was unexpected!)
Tonight, at F

amily Home evening, we shared testimonies and then played some games. One was two people eating a doughnut without their hands and then finding a quarter in a pile of flour without any hands, We looked pretty funny when we were through.

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