Sunday, April 5, 2015

Palikir Ward Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday before Easter we went out to the Palikir Ward to help with and watch the Easter egg hunt with the primary children.  Before the event the kids met in the primary room for a short program.  They had a prayer, song and two short talks.  A few even bore their testimonies that was very sweet.   We had hidden the eggs in either the primary room or outside.
 This little girls was holding a purple ball and nothing could get her to part with it.
 Brother Yago is pictured here helping his little daughter find eggs.  It was pretty difficult hiding eggs in a room that had only a small table and three chairs but the kids had a great time picking them up.
 It didn't take the kids long to find the eggs and put them in plastic bags.  The event was a great treat for everyone involved even though the day was very hot and humid.

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  1. Oh these kids just melt my heart!!!! I just want to eat them up! They are so beautiful!!!