Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pohnpei Surf Snorkel Trip

We finally took a day off to go out on a snorkel trip on Wednesday April 29, 2015.  The Furstenau's and us took a boat from the Pohnpei Surf Club.  We traveled out past several small islands to the east bay area.
 Here is Lenda (Sister Hedgpeth) drinking a fresh and cooled coconut.  She enjoyed the trip and getting away from Island life for a few hours.
 My underwater camera worked great.  There were thousands of small yellow, blue and orange fish.  Pictures just doesn't do the beauty and life of the sea justice.  This coral reef is protected from fishing and allows only those with permits to go there.
 This part of the island has an abundance of stingrays.  We got to see one but it was swimming in deep water.  We also saw a small shark, maybe three feet long.  Sharks are not my favorite marine life.  I'm not excited about anything that can eat me.  This one would have taken only very small bites however.

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