Friday, September 18, 2015

A rain storm at Kitti

This is Jeanette Conrad leading music at the Kitti Branch seminary class.  She will be submitting her missionary application soon.  Students attend from Wone. Pehleng and Kitti.  Notice the metal posts holding up the sagging cement roof.  We just pray that it doesn't fall while occupied.  There was too much rain to meet outside.
 This a picture of a ditch overflowing onto the roadway.  The picture really doesn't fully capture the amount of rainwater or the roar of the torrent.
 We tried to capture the amount of water flowing down the road.  A few more inches and it would have been impassible.  My guess is that it rained close to 12 inches in two days.  There is no drizzle in the tropics.  It comes down in buckets.

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