Thursday, December 4, 2014

Members to temple

This is a family who left Wednesday to go to Manilla to the temple for the first time. They were baptized a year ago and it is amazing how strong they are in the gospel. This night they had all their extended family at their home for a celebration. There were at least 70 there to witness this big event, even though most were Catholic and against them joining the church.
As soon as many arrived they began pounding a root called Sakou. After pulverizing the root, they squeeze out the thick brown liquid through a big yellow leaf. Then they drink it, It has a sedative effect and is highly part of their culture. It is very difficult for new members to turn away from that and also Beetle Nut which they chew. The Beetle Nut eventually causes their teeth to turn yellow and red and many develop cancer of the mouth.
When teaching the youth, they know it is wrong and try to tell their friends and family what is right.
It must be very exciting for these members to leave this isolated island and be able to fly to Manilla to go to the temple. Most of them have no money and the church provides this opportunity for them at least once in their life.
Sorry for the blurry picture.

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