Saturday, February 14, 2015

Awak Group Sunday Sacrament Meeting

We have been attending different wards, branches and groups each Sunday.  This week we attended the Awak Group.  They meet in a small nahs that is situated with a beautiful view of the bay.  Church units such as this one are located in areas where people do not have transportation and walk to church.  Even though attendance and membership is small the missionaries preach the gospel and many are joining.  It is exciting to feel of their strong testimonies and realize that the church will grow in strength and numbers on Pohnpei.  In the photo are Elders Becraft and Leeworthy from Utah and Australia.  They are the zone leaders on the east side of the island.

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  1. It will be amazing what these seeds that these missionaries are planting will produce. I imagine in 5-10 years there will be TONS of members!