Saturday, February 14, 2015

Young Single Adult Activity

We attended and assisted (mostly with the cupcakes and ice cream) the young single adult activity on Valentine's Day.  There were nearly 200 in attendance at the Sapwalap Ward building.  The theme was a talent show.  Most of the eleven wards, branches or groups were there and participated.  There was singing, dancing and a skit.  There are two volleyball courts in the parking lot and the youth here love to play and they are very good at it.  We were standing in the shade sweating while they played in the sun and didn't seem affected by the heat.  I guess we aren't quite acclimated yet.

 All of the above youth are returned missionaries.  Ivaloni Aldan is on the right in the picture below and we are assisting her in getting her missionary papers ready to submit.  We have nearly a dozen youth who are getting ready to serve missions.  It is very exciting to watch them prepare.

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