Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pehlang Group Sacrament Meeting

We attended the Pehlang Group Sacrament meeting today (22 Feb. 2015)  A new group president was called, Elder Charley.  In the picture below is Sister Kolini on the left with the pink scarf.  She is a missionary from Papua New Guinea.  There were about thirty people at church.
 This is the Pehlang Group church.  The small building in blue is where the primary children meet.  The building on the right is the chapel where the Sacrament service and Sunday school is located.
 This is another view of the Pehlang Group church.  The building shown is the primary room.  The nahs is just out of sight at the back of the small building.  It is a beautiful and serene setting.  My favorite bird on the island is the cardinal honeyeater.  It is a brilliant red and black with a curved bill for reaching into nectar rich flowers.  They fly around the trees in the jungle beside the nahs.  It makes for a little distraction especially when all the talks are in Pohnpeian.

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