Monday, March 30, 2015

Peter's Garden and Family Home Evening

On Monday, March 30, 2015 we drove out to the Wone area to have Family Home Evening and to see Peter's garden.  A few weeks ago I had ordered a variety of heirloom seeds.  There were about 30 varieties of vegetable seeds.  Peter was excited to start his new garden.  He must have spent days clearing a patch of jungle.  The garden was amazing.  He has corn, peas, two varieties of cucumbers, peppers, watermelon and squash.  He still has many more variety of seeds to plant.
Below is a summer squash that is almost ready for harvest.  They have never seen this variety of squash and we told them how to best prepare and harvest it. He mounds the soil and uses coconut husks to hold the dirt in place.  All of the trellis work is harvested from the nearby jungle.
 The garden is thriving in the tropical climate.  Some vegetables are difficult to grow due to the heat and humidity but if anyone can succeed it will be Peter.  He has a love for gardening and growing food for his family and friends.  He has promised us the first pickings from his crop.
 After touring Peter's garden his family gathered in the house to sing songs, have a spiritual lesson and visit.  It was a very enjoyable evening with wonderful people who consider us a part of their family.

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