Thursday, March 12, 2015

Son Baptizes Mother

I have to tell you about this young man who we have been helping with his missionary papers. He is all done and they should be on their way by now.
He joined the church one year ago. He has been a "Bad boy" I tell him and he agrees. For years he found delight in causing problems for any Mormons he could find. When I first met him I asked if he knew the Mormon boys when he was in High School (whom he now is friends with). He said, "I knew them and I beat them up". Of course I asked if he literally beat them up and he said,"Yes".
He would hear about a baptism in a river and just as everyone was in the water and ready, he would jump in the river  (Unclothed) and declare the river to belong to him.
He spend a long time reading the Book of Mormon and Bible, trying to prove the church was wrong. He read all the anti-Mormon information on the internet, etc. There is much more that he did, but to make a long story short, he finally prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and he began to weep. The Spirit told him the truth. He went home to tell his parents and they threatened all kinds of things (His father said he would cut off his head, both parents threatened to disown him, etc.).
He said, I am going to be baptized and he did. A few days later he went back home and they welcomed him back.
After this year, they have seen the change in him and acknowledge it is a good thing. This first picture is of him and his Mom last Saturday night right after he baptized her.
The next picture is of him teaching our Seminary class. The kids were on the edge of their seats as he told his story. Several of our faithful students are non-members and want to be baptized, but their parents forbid it.
He thinks his father will be baptized soon, too. What a great young man.


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  2. That is wonderful- it made me laugh and cry. Let us know where he gets his mission call.