Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Elder Bunn in Idaho

Elder Luke Bunn was one of the zone leaders here on Pohnpei until he went home a couple of weeks ago.  He often referred to riding his horses when he got home to Wendell, Idaho.  He sent us these pictures taken on an elk hunting trip.  He said he didn't shoot one but had a wonderful time with his dad and others on the trip.
We are planning a trip to Salt Lake City with two of our grandkids in June of next year when we get home from our mission.  We plan to stop by the Bunn ranch and let the kids ride his horses.  They are already very excited about the prospect and so am I.  I probably shouldn't be looking a pictures like this.  It makes me a little "trunky" and I don't have time for that yet.
 It looks like his first contact other than his family was his favorite horse.  Note that he is still wearing his missionary name tag so he hasn't been released yet.

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