Wednesday, October 21, 2015

George the Gecko

A scream in the night.  George has struck yet again.  We rarely see our pet gecko, George.  He is as elusive as a green flash during a Maui sunset.  Where he lurks weeks on end is a mystery.  But on those rare occasions where he reveals himself it creates havoc and terror.  At least for one member of this household.  Lenda was getting a bag of nuts out of the kitchen cabinet and out pops our house guest.  George is terrified and begins bounding across the counter.  Lenda screams and George is now making every attempt possible to escape.  He finally takes a short rest on our water bottle.  I get as close as I think I can to take his photo.  George has made our apartment his home for at least three years that we are aware of.  For me he is a welcome guest as he eats unwanted insects and in some cultures he is good luck.  However his luck may run out if he appears while Lenda is armed with a weapon. 

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