Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 2015 Pohnpei Stake Conference

In October 2015 we held our stake conference at the Sapwalap Chapel.  On Saturday we had the priesthood session and then had an hour break before the adult session.  Due to transportation issues the members cannot go home to rest and eat.  The parking lot fills with what we would refer to as a "tailgate" party.  Food is served out of the back of vans and pick ups.  It is a great time of fun and socialization.
 This is a picture of the chapel and the Return Missionary Choir preparing for the Sunday  session.  Over 800 members from all over the island attended the Sunday session.  This was the first stake conference that was fully organized by the local stake leadership with a general authority not in attendance.  It was also the first time that the stake patriarch sat on the stand with the stake presidency.  The stake was organized in April 2014.  What a unique privilege it is to watch the growth and maturity of the Pohnpei Stake.
 Because families attend the conference together it was decided to have a special meeting with the women during the priesthood session.  As you can see the cultural hall was filled to capacity.  They had testimonies, short talks and watched a Joseph Smith movie.
 Members all around the island come to Stake Conference in school busses and rented trucks.  Transportation is always an issue to be resolved as many of the members do not own cars or trucks.
This particular group of students (except for the little girls) attend our High School Seminary class.
The messages are mostly delivered in Pohnpeian so there are interpreters and headsets for those of us who do not speak the language.  The English speakers also have a translator to Pohnpeian.  Many of the members speak and understand English but are more comfortable with their native language.  The spirit of the Micronesian people is strong.  They sing, pray and testify of the Savior with great power and beauty.  It seems they are naturally gifted singers and the choirs and congregational hymns are beautiful.


  1. Hello! You don't know me but I served on Pohnpei almost 20 years ago. OH How I Loved it. Thank you for your blog. I am astounded at the growth of the church there! The work was slow and tedious when I was there and we were lucky to get 3 or 4 kids out to seminary. It's amazing how ,any are going on missions now. There were only 4 branches on the whole island and my companion and I were the only sisters. (Although when I left we were training a 2nd set) I loved my time there and so appreciate you keeping your blog updated. I was there from November ' 95 - February 97. Sister Jorgensen .

  2. It is nice to hear from you. The church is growing here, but of course there are challenges, too. We will tell some people about your comments.