Friday, November 20, 2015

Leo Etscheit Memorial Fun Run/Walk

On Saturday morning November 21, 2015 we met in front of the theater (closed down) for the annual Leo Etscheit 5K Fun Run/Walk.  This was Lenda's first ever event like this one.  We walked nearly to the Pohnpei airport before turning back.  There was probably around 400 participants.  The event is free and T-shirts were given.  The Etscheit family came to the island from Germany sometime before WWII.  They were very successfully business people and several of the stores currently in operation are owned by family members.  Before Leo died he donated money to the community to sponsor events for the youth and the community. 
 Here is a photo of the runners and walkers getting ready for the event.  It was great fun and we have been here long enough to recognize and know many people.  The building the background is the closed down theater.  No one has been able to tell us if or when it will reopen.  It closed in January of this year for a two month renovation but it has never reopened.

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  1. How cool! Did you enjoy it Lenda! It's fun all the energy everyone has in a run/walk race!