Sunday, November 29, 2015

Relief Society Conference

This Relief Society Conference reminded me of "Young Women in Excellence" because several of the women displayed some of the things they have been working on or just wanted to share what they have with all of us.
The vegetables below were grown by our friends in the far away "Wone" branch. They were beautifully displayed on hand woven plates and labeled with the name of the produce.
 These beautiful flowers were displayed from our "Uh" branch. They rival any arrangement I have seen in Hawaii.
 Here are some more hand woven baskets displaying coconuts, limes and a "candy corn" vegetable. When it ripens more it actually resembles candy corn- orange and yellow.
 The women here are so colorful in their beautiful and very comfortable "muu-muu's". I could only dream of a day when we could all wear these to church and everywhere else. I have grown to respect and love these women. I am sure they all have stories to tell about their lives that would make a great book.

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  1. I love the woven plates and baskets!!!! all of the colorful dresses I love it!