Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Memorial at the Morgue

The father of Keanu Dum passed away this week just six days after Elder Dum left for his mission.  A memorial service was performed at the State Hospital in the hallway outside the morgue.  Brother Duiai in the bishopric of the Panasang Ward spoke about life's three big questions:  "where did we come from, why are we here and where are we going". 
We were so impressed that after the service, everyone stayed and sang songs for the longest time. It felt so loving and comforting. We heard later that sometimes, people stay all night with the family singing and comforting them.
Keanu's mother has been sleeping on mats on the floor at the hospital morgue for several days.  The official traditional Pohnpeian funeral will held tomorrow at the Dum home.  Funerals last for several days with lots of food and drink.  Family and friends will come and go and songs will be sung.  Keanu's parents are not members of the church but his father wanted to be baptized but his health did not allow it.  I'm sure the missionaries and ward members will be fellowshipping his mother in the future as they are now.
This is a photo of Elder Dum standing by his father and family at the airport when he left for his mission.  He had the opportunity to hug his father and tell him of his love before he left.  His father is pictured sitting in the red shirt.  He passed away only six days later.  It is such a tragedy for Keanu and his family.  His father expressed to us how very proud he was of his son serving the Lord on a mission.  We are comforted in our knowledge that families can be united for eternity through the ordinances of the temple.  We have no doubt that this will happen in the future.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! That breaks my heart!!!!