Sunday, January 4, 2015

Children at the Hospital

I was called to give a priesthood blessing to a child at the hospital on Sunday night January 4, 2015.  When we got there we went to the bedside of the little boy in the top photo.  He was and is a very sick child.  He is experiencing stomach pains and sleeps a lot.  His mother is staying at his side.  He was asleep when we got there and sweat was running down his neck.  I also administered to the little girl in the wheelchair.  Last night she appeared very similar to the little boy except she had a IV bottle.  She looks much better today and was happy to see us and have her picture taken.  Lenda brought snicker doodle cookies to the families.  The baby in the lower picture was in the bed next to the girl in the wheelchair so I took her picture as well.  Medical facilities here are not good.  It is apparent that they do not have the medical supplies and equipment of most up to date hospitals.  But they do their best with what they have.  Blessing and seeing these children last night and again today was a spiritual experience for both of us.  As I blessed these two children I could feel the absolute love of the Savior for them.

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  1. Oh those poor babies!!! I just want to reach through the screen and hold them. Sending prayers their way.