Sunday, January 4, 2015

Zone Conference and Birthday

The zone leaders and sister leaders were scheduled to fly to Guam for their zone leader conference but the flight was canceled due to a storm passing through making it impossible for the plane to land in Pohnpei.  So the missionaries skyped Guam from our apartment and held a partial conference.  It also happened to be the birthday of Sister Finau so Lenda made a birthday cake for her and she received some small gifts.  In the photo from left to right are  Elder Johnson of Georgetown, Idaho, Elder Tapua of Fiji, Sister Pahulu of Tonga, Sister Finau of Tonga, Elder Becraft of Utah and Elder Leeworthy of Australia.  Their conference call started at 2 pm and the last missionary left at 8 pm.  Of course Lenda served them dinner along with birthday cake and brownies.  We have grown to love and enjoy the missionaries as they seem to always be coming and going from our apartment for a variety of reasons.  Elder Tapau will be going home this month and he will be missed greatly.  He will be attending BYU Hawaii soon.  We have no doubt but that these missionaries will return home and become solid leaders and members of the church and society.

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