Saturday, January 31, 2015

Liduduhniap Falls Hike

On Saturday, January 31, 2015 (our one partial day off) we took a hike to Liduduhniap Falls.  We drove up a very steep, rutted road to a marker showing the way to the falls.  A man is the house next to it wanted $1 each to hike to the falls as it is on private property.  Or so he claimed.  He then wanted $5 for each camera.  We went with the Furstenau's, the other senior couple.  So for 14 bucks we got to hike to the falls.  The first short section was flat and lined with flowering plants.  The trail then dropped off steeply through slick rocks covered in moss.  There was a rope to hang onto part of the way but one of the posts had rotted and it was hanging limply in the brushes during the last steep and slick section.

 The waterfall was beautiful and the water refreshing.  Climbing out was much easier than the decent.  Of course we had to relate the story of the now famous "mule ride" to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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