Saturday, January 24, 2015

Couples Conference in Guam

 On January 17, 2015 all the senior missionaries from all the islands flew to Guam for a conference.  One of the sister missionaries is an expert in tole painting.  Here we (as in Lenda) is painting the Micronesia Guam Mission logo on a small black book.  I'm trying to appear busy.
 The Micronesia Guam Mission logo has a representation of something significant for each of the island groups.  Pohnpei is the brown rock by the palm tree.  This is the most visible landmark on our island and is called Sokehes Rock.  It is a "red zone" for the missionaries because it's too dangerous to climb.  When flying into Pohnpei it stands out on the right side of the aircraft.
 This is the Hurst couple giving their presentation on family history.  They serve in Guam but travel to the outer islands to train consultants.  All of us had the opportunity to present our island missions.
This is our Mission President Zarback.  He entertained us during a break in the conference to play his banjo and sing a ballad.

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