Sunday, May 31, 2015

Maxner Baptism

This was a wonderful day and I will try to describe it all, so this may be longer than usual. The tallest young man in the back is Maxner. One day our other senior couple (in the back also) were taking a prospective missionary to the dentist. He approached them and said, "I would like to hear the gospel". Well, they wondered how did you know to use the term gospel? But they set up a meeting time with him and after several lessons, he said, "I want to be baptized". His mother and sister live in Utah and he has told them all along that he will be joining them in June. It wasn't until that night that they realized his father was also going with him. His family are not members, so we hope he gets a proper welcome, because he is ready to go forward in the "gospel". A great kid.
 OK, now I have to tell you about Trellison (bottom right side). He is one of our Seminary students and was baptized just the week before. We love him and he had to move out of his Guardians home when he announced he was being baptized. (we found out last night that they came to him and apologized and he is now back with them). Well, at the baptism, we were surprised when he got up to give the talk of the Holy Ghost and did an amazing job. A member a week and giving a great talk so soon. We went to Sacrament Meeting yesterday and there he was giving the opening prayer and he passed the sacrament. I told him I felt like his Grandmother and I was so proud of him.
These young men sang a song at Maxner's baptism. The young man by the piano in the red shirt surprised us at church Sunday when he gave the first talk about the priesthood and did a great job. He is also one of our favorite Seminary students. This is what it means by "Pay Day" on a mission.

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