Saturday, May 16, 2015

Seminary Scripture Bowl 2015

This is the annual Seminary Scripture Mastery Bowl. All the Semiary and Institute students come from all 11 church units to one building to compete against each other. Let it be said, competition is alive and well on Pohnpei.
 We had about 100 students and it was crazy and difficult to control all the excitement, but they had a great time together. We had about 6 games and 2 special musical numbers.
 Of course, we served ice cream and doughnuts and the air conditioning hasn't worked in this church building for several months so we were melting along with the ice cream. I guess chocolate milk shakes were just as well.
 Paliker Ward won the award this year and you can see the banner that will be displayed in their church all this year. We came home exhausted, limping up the stairs and ready to crash in bed for the night, but we had a baptism to attend. Our Mission President said, "You know you have served well when you fall into bed each night, exhausted". Guess we did well this day!

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