Monday, May 25, 2015

Produce Section

We just had to share with you our produce sections in our grocery stores. There is some milk, but a gallon of milk is $10, so we buy "boxed" milk.
 This has been like this for 3 weeks and we had to laugh when the Missionaries were asked by the Mission President to please serve some green salads at Zone Conference. I found a purple cabbage and one small geen cabbage and made cole slaw. That was as "green" as we could find.
 We are promised a shipment will come soon, so we are hopeful. The only problem is that when we finally get some produce, it doesn't last very long because of the long trip  here.
 The other thing is that even the restaurants can't serve salads when the shelves look like this.
Please think of us when you go into your beautiful, fresh, and plentiful produce sections at your grocery stores.


  1. That is just sad! I will eat more vegetables just because of this.

  2. I just came in from the garden when I read your post. I had been having a mental argument with myself about why I keep trying to grow fruits and vegetables when it is so much easier to just get them from the grocery and not have to de-bug, water, fertilize, weed, etc. Your post gave me the motivation to keep on trying. If I could I'd send you some fresh vegetables right now!

  3. This makes me want a better good storage.