Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cousin's Baptism

Sadie is on the right. She was one of the first Seminary students I really got to know. She is always with a basketball in her hands and has a great personality. Her sister is on the left and will be joining us in Seminary this fall. This young man is their cousin and he moved in with the family a few weeks ago.
 Sadie told me that she felt very privileged that he would come to her when he was struggling with something and ask her what to do. She said to pray and read the scriptures. He came to her later and said, "How did you know?" Then he asked who those people were who were wearing the badges. She told him they were missionaries from her church. To make a long story short he met with them and quickly knew he wanted to be baptized.
This young woman is also a cousin of the young man who just got his mission call to Arizona. She was baptized by him and will influence many around her. The sister missionary is from Vanuatu and after her mission is on her way to China to study to be a doctor.

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