Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day Party

The fathers were very well celebrated Satuday night at Panasang ward by the Young Men and Young Women and their leaders. There was a program with singing, dancing and a photo show of the Primary age children with messages to their fathers. Then we had a dinner served on hand woven baskets. We even got involved when the women were coerced to do a Hula line dance. You had to be there! Then we finished the night with the fathers and their wives dancing. Yes, Mel even danced.
 This floral centerpiece has at it's base a banana tree trunk which has the bark removed and decorated.

 All the fathers were escorted in by one of the Young Women and were adorned with floral headpieces and a woven cord. They were then seated at a decorated table and treated like royalty.
All the Young Women and Young Men sang songs and gave tributes to the fathers. The Young Men did a dance followed by a hula by the Young women.