Saturday, June 13, 2015

Youth Conference 2015

This Youth Conferece could rival any in the States. It was a 2 day conference- It included classes, talent show from each of the 11 church units, and then spending the night with members close to the Stake Center. The next morning was breakfast, more classes, return to the homes to clean up for the special evening and then a testimony meeting, beautiful dinner and a dance. Each couple entered the dinner with a date, arm in  arm with the young man pulling out the chair for the young woman.

This is our student who was recently baptized. There were about 250 youth at the testimony meeting and he got up in front of them all and bore his testimony as did our other newly baptized student. I am a proud teacher.
 These are plates hand woven from coconut leaves and filled with local food prepared by the sisters. They each were delived by the YSA girls to their tables which had beautiful flower centerpieces.
All of the tables were filled with the students. It was a wonderful evening.

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