Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kitti Graduation

We were invited to attend the Kitti Graduation of 5 Seminary students. We were impressed with some of the details the school added to this special day. All the teachers were dressed in the same fabric- either shirts for the men or dresses for the teachers. It was a lime green hawaiian print.
 The Junior girls were the servers and also were dressed alike. You can see them walking towards the group in pink. They were varrying a plate with an apple, brownie and a bottle of water for the dignitaries and a bottle of water for each graduate. At the end of the ceremony, they carried in huge woven baskets of banana leaves filled with various food for the dignitaries.
 This is Caroline Paul from Kitti. She also received a diploma from Seminary.
This is Lucann Laianos, another student from Kitti. She has two sisters on a mission and a brother waiting to go.

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