Friday, February 5, 2016

Mission call for Marcia Alex

We delivered a mission call to Marcia Alex of the Uh Branch.  Pictured below in the pink is Sister Bulewa.  Marcia's mother is standing by the fire.  They were cooking chicken in the pot.
Marcia is pictured below.  She was so excited and a bit scared to open her mission call.  She is going to be serving in the Port of Spain Trinidad Mission.  She will leave for the Provo MTC on May 10th.  We are very happy about that since we will be leaving on May 16th for home.  We love to see these young people off at the airport.  It is often that they are flying for the first time and have never been off the island.  She was one of our best students last year in seminary.

 Getting to her home was a bit of a challenge.  The trail from the road down to their home was very steep.  The rocks were slick, the mud was slick and the wet grasses and weeds were slick.  It's a wonder that they don't fall and get hurt but they seem to take no notice to the terrain and walk down in flip flops with no problem.  I eventually just backed down the path and used my hands to steady myself.  I consider myself a fairly experienced hiker but my feet flew out from under me on the way down.  No major damage.  Just wet and muddy.

 Sisters Hedgpeth and Furstenau take to load off their feet and talk to Marcia's mother who was tending the fire.  It's a bit hard to tell but her father is standing to the left and he is preparing coconuts for us to drink.  Coconut juice is very good and quite healthy.  The people here are so thoughtful and give us the best of what they have.  It's quit a humbling experience.

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  1. I LOVE these pictures. LOVE them!! I remember you telling us about this specific mission call.