Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Celebration

Leap Year in Pohnpei took on more meaning because Sister Furstenau turned 17. The rest of us wish  could erase some of our years but she has it mastered.
 We started out at the "Rusty Anchor" for pizza and a view. We followed that with a movie which turned out great- "Finest Hour". You can't see in this picture, but the young woman next to Elder Hedgpeth is Irene Ongesel. She is a return missionary from Fiji and now is the manager of the movie theatre. She is also one of our Seminary teachers. A side note: she gave us 2 free tickets for the movie. At $5 for seniors, we had a pretty good deal!
 Then it was to our apartment for gifts and birthday cake with ice cream. It seems that each month or so, our options for food and entertainment improve. Thanks Jill, for sending the pecans and coconut from WinCo.

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  1. She looks great for 17. Looks like a fun celebration. That view at the pizza place looks amazing.