Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine Party at Kitti

The youth at the Kitti Branch were planning and decorating for a Valentine's Day dance for Saturday evening on February 13th.  They worked hard to clean and sweep this part of the building where they meet for Sacrament Meeting.  As you can see it's looks more like a bombed out shelter than a dance floor.  But never mind that, the kids don't notice and they have fun just like anyone in a fancy building.
 Elder and Sister Hedgpeth posing on the dance floor.  We continue to marvel at the conditions most of these good people live in but they are happy and content.  Their testimonies of the Gospel is strong.
 This is three of the youth who were cleaning and decorating the building.  I hope it doesn't rain as the building has no roof for protection.  There used to be a blue tarp covering over this section but the wind and rain tore it apart.

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  1. Did it rain? What kind of music do they play at the dances?