Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stand Ye in Holy Places at Awak

The youth in the Awak Group made a sign for their building at Awak titled Stand Ye In Holy Places.
 Pictured below are several of the youth in Awak.  The three on the left attend our seminary class at PICS high school in Kolonia.  Elder Wallace Primo, 18 years old and a junior in high school was called as the new group leader.  He is doing a great job.  He is standing to the left of Hadley Joshua who is a relatively new convert to the church.
 The Zone Leaders attend this group.  Elder Bisschop on the left and Elder Hurst on the right.

 As one can see the nature and condition of the place of worship is not a deciding factor to be "Standing in Holy Places".  The spirit is felt here as much as any place where the Saints meet.  We were here to attend Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School  There is no Relief Society or Priesthood meetings held in a group.

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  1. Love that sign the kids made and the picture of the seminary kids.