Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ant Atoll/Spring Break

On Thursday, March 24th we took advantage of Spring Break and went with Pohnpei Surf Club to Ant Atoll several miles west of our island.  When we arrived we set up "camp" in a shelter on the beach.  We stopped along the way to do some snorkeling between two of the atolls.  The water was very deep and the fish were minimal but the coral was beautiful.
 The water is very warm and completely clear.  As we arrived a three foot shark swam lazily past our boat.  The guide on the boat said they were not dangerous.  Yeah sure.
 We walked along the beach and enjoyed something that existed no where on Pohnpei.  A sandy beach.  Well, it isn't actually sand.  It is not so finely ground coral but it is wonderful. 
 This is the view from Ant Atoll to our island home of Pohnpei.

Here are some of the quaint huts on Ant Atoll.  People can rent these overnight.  Of course there are no services on the atoll so you must bring all our your food and drink.
 The most exciting event was a large school of dolphins, jumping and swimming near our boat. We tried to get an action shot, but they were too quick and wouldn't pose for the camera. The boat ride home wasn't exactly smooth but we hit some pretty big waves and had some kind of a Disney-like ride. Mel said maybe it was like the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" ride.


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