Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tray Bonn Hebel

The first night that we arrived in Pohnpei, we were invited to a baptism and dinner at this families home. Since that first night, they have adopted us as family. Rockson and Lee had this baby boy March 12 and we just had to go see him so I could hold and cuddle this darling baby.
They tell us that Pohnpeian women are "tough" and some even laugh instead of cry or scream during birth. I can believe it. Their smallest son (they now have 3) was watching me very carefully as I held the baby. He had a worried look on his face. Lee told me he thought I was going to take their baby away from them.
Carly (the Grandma)is sending us home with papayas, pineapple and bananas in exchange for the chocolate cake I brought to them. Quite a great trade-off for us!

You can see the proud daddy in the back of the room. He is a great leader in the church. He is one of our Institute teachers and was just made Stake Young Men's President.

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  1. So sweet. Love how protective that little boys was of his new sibling.