Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Arts on Pohnpei

Rebar seems to be sticking out all over on Pohnpei.  We have been walking past this first scene almost every morning.  Two pieces of rebar sticking up out of the ground as if they were meant to be pieces of art.  I actually might think some artsy sort in Portland would think it is quite beautiful especially with Lenda's umbrella posed in the background.
 It may also be possible that old junk cars, which are strewn all over the island might be considered worthy as objects of art.  Notice the dog perched on the roof of the house enjoying an early morning break before sleeping all afternoon.  Quite possibly he is the suspect who barks all night.
 These two pictures are at end of our apartment.  When it was originally built the owner intended to extend it out several more feet.  Obviously that didn't happen so the rebar was left poking out of the side of the building like an angry porcupine.  He might build on some day so why cut them off?
 Rebar sticks up out of the roof of almost all buildings in Kolonia. 

 This pretty yellow wheeled tank has been sitting at this intersection since we have arrived on the island.  It really is quite nice and adds to the ambiance of town.

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