Friday, March 4, 2016

Big Party Blast for a One Year Old

We were invited to this beautiful resort for a 1-year birthday celebration for a little girl. As you can see, it is a great place for swimming and a gorgeous view. It is named Nicho's Marine Resort.
 Now isn't this just what you would picture in your mind of a tropical island. It is only the second time we have been here in 15 months. We ask ourselves- Why????
 Here we are with the birthday girl- Sister Simram -(her auntie who has been caring for her since her mother died soon after her birth) and the Furstenau's.  Sister Simram is our Bishop's wife, a teacher and counselor at the High School and the person who makes many of the ward dinners possible.
Mel almost didn't put in this picture because of the angle. He says it makes him look like the "Jolly Green Giant".

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