Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Missionaries phone home on Mother's Day

Missionaries came to our apartment to call home on Mother's Day.  Some came on Sunday and the rest on Monday.  Sister Hedgpeth and Sister Furstenau fixed taco soup for them on Sunday and breakfast on Monday morning.  Shown below are sisters Feholo, Bulewa, Kalio, Park, George and Latu.
Seated below are Elders Clarke  and Pond and Sisters Latu and Park.
More missionaries chowing down on breakfast. 

Sister Rock is happily washing some dishes while Elder Hurst is getting his gravy.
 Elders Fiscus and Takau are also taking their turn at the dishes.  It was P Day so Elder Fiscus is ready for some basketball.

I did manage to catch Sister Welch skyping her parents from our bedroom.  The miracle of modern communications is that she was able to also speak with her brother at the same time from his mission in Brazil.  Amazing!  Let's see: Pohnpei to Omaha, Nebraska to Brazil.

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