Friday, May 13, 2016

Palikir Going Away Party

The Palikir Ward had a small party for us before we leave for home tomorrow.  The little girl below is the Bishop Ongesel's daughter.  We attended her baptism when she turned 8 and now she is 9 so we have been here a while.  She is quite the hugger.  We can always expect lots of hugs whenever she is around.
 Of course Pohnpeians can't get together without food.  My kind of people.  We had a feast of mostly "local" food.
 They set up tents in the parking lot in front of the church doors.  It was a fairly pleasant night for here.  We had a great time socializing with the many friends we have made in this ward.  It feels very strange and sad to say good bye.
 The primary children sang to us as a parting gift.  The teacher, Leah Ongesel has been one of our seminary teachers and does a great job with the kids.

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