Friday, May 6, 2016

Wone Family Home Evening

 This family( The Hebel's and Herman's)  invited us to Family Home Evening to have our farewell party with them. This was the very first place we came to on the same night we arrived in Pohnpei. The first picture shows their new Nas ( open air building) that was recently built. It makes up their kitchen and the picture below shows their family room.
They have treated us like family from the very first day. We will miss them.
 Right by the "living room" was a new litter of puppies.  They are hard to see but there were six of them.  I asked Rockson if he was going to eat them.  He said, "only when they are bad."  Morale: Doggie be good!
 This hand woven basket is where the chickens sit on the eggs until the chicks are hatched. These people are so creative in the way they make baskets in many sizes for several purposes.

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