Saturday, May 14, 2016

SI Graduation May 14, 2016

 Seminary and Institute classes for 2015-16 was held at the Panasang Chapel.  Above is Renster Kalio giving his testimony of seminary.  He is a senior and is putting in his mission papers.  Below are
  some of the many students who have bonded with Sister Hedgpeth.
 These students are from our seminary class at PICS high school.  They are a great bunch of kids and all of them are planning missions and some have already received their mission calls.

This Graduation Day represented a culmination of 18 months of serving the Lord, gathering in countless numbers of people we have grown to truly love and sadly saying good-bye yet looking forward to returning home to those we love there.
We are so fortunate to have been chosen to serve our mission with these amazing students and teachers. We have been changed because of them.

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  1. Oh my goodness...I stumbled onto your blog and I LOVE IT! I served as a missionary on Pohnpei from July 1998-May 1997. I cannot believe how it has grown. You are talking about having full blow seminary classes! How amazing is that? Thank you for blogging about your time in Pohnpei. I cannot tell you how I miss it and how excited I was find your blog and catch up. :)