Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Home Evening

We were invited to a Family Home Evening at past Branch President Ongesel's home, We were well fed. Some of them had lived in America, so we had a mix of Pohnpeian food and American food. The potato salad tasted so good plus the Bar-B-Q chicken and the bananas they grow themselves.
There were three generations there and President Ongesel told us his story. His wife and children joined the church and he would drop them off at church, but then go on  his way. When the missionaries would come he would say Hi and then leave the room.
For a long time he was a BIG drinker and smoker. They would have parties in their humble home with all their friends who would drink into the night.
One day he was talking to the missionaries. He was at a point when he wanted to quit drinking so much and wished he could quit. They told him they had been praying for him and they knew if he had faith he would be able to quit. From that night on he quit and that showed him what God could do. His testimony never wavered after that.
He had a 10 foot long and 10 feet deep by 2 feet wide ditch. He walked all through his property and gathered all the beer cans and alcohol bottles and it completely filled that opening.
They are a wonderful family and example to many.

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