Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years in Emergency

We kept hearing how crazy it is in Pohnpei on New Year's Eve, but Elder Hedgpeth and I thought we would have a quiet evening, maybe hear some pans banging and even a few fireworks.
Instead we received a call about 7:30 pm that one of the Sister missionaries was on the way to the emergency room. When we arrived she was non-responsive and we realized that the fall down her stairs was much more serious than we originally thought.
The sisters and elders were definitely lead by the spirit as they gave her a blessing, started her breathing again and carried her out to their car and rushed her to the hospital.
We were very worried as she lay there for the longest time without being able to communicate or move her legs.
The missionaries stayed by her side, talking to her and even singing softly until she began to respond.
After over four hours she walked out of the Emergency room, looking just fine. Everyone knew there were some miracles that night.

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