Saturday, December 13, 2014

Island life

We were invited to a basketball game of one of our seminary students (Sadie).  It was to be held at an elementary school.  I thought it would be inside but as you can see it is an outdoor court.  Some of the kids had good tennis shoes while others wore flip flops or no shoes at all.  But they were good players and enjoyed the game.  The bottom picture is how some of the students arrived.  There must have twenty of them piled in the back of the truck.  Safety anyone?  They were hanging all over the top and sides of the truck when they pulled up.  The top photo is of a cute little hut on the edge of the mangrove swamps.  Mangroves surround the island.  There are very few places on the island where you can actually see the breakers from the ocean.  The island is also surrounded by coral reefs that protect it from storms and wave damage.  It would be nice to see the ocean more but the views of the bays are awesome.

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