Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mand Branch

We like to visit a different church building each Sunday to get to know as many of the members as possible. This is Mand (pronounced Mont) and is in the most beautiful setting. They have their own baptismal font outside and just behind it is this small waterfall. As you can see a young man was cleaning up for the day.
My favorite part of being in this small, open building was when we were having Relief Society in the center of the building, I could hear the Primary children singing from the front and the young Women singing behind me in a different room.
In many church meetings there is no piano, so the person leading the music sings the first line of the song. It is amazing how well that works, but maybe because they all seem to have beautiful voices.

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  1. You both look GREAT!!!! There is so much color and it looks so pretty! What a great idea to visit different wards each sunday!